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How can an electrical contractor help your business?

As a certified specialist in designing, installing and maintaining electrical systems, an electrical contractor can help your business in a number of ways. An electrical contractor usually works on commercial and industrial projects for clients in a range of sectors. They often work as part of a team of contractors on larger residential or commercial […]

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A look back on projects from 2022

We’ve been busy during 2022 with a variety of electrical projects for both longstanding and new clients. Our work has taken us around the UK to some exciting developments as well as refurbishment and expansion schemes. Here we take a look at some of our projects from 2022. Retail sector As experienced electrical contractors for […]

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What are the benefits of LED lighting?

LED lighting is gradually replacing traditional incandescent, neon and compact fluorescent lighting in commercial, industrial and residential premises because of its many benefits. LEDs (light emitting diodes) offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution for a variety of commercial and industrial spaces, from warehouses to retail premises. LED technology has developed so much in the last […]

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Battersea Power Station shopping centre

We have recently completed a number of projects at the new Battersea Power Station shopping centre. Our store fit-out services have been in demand from retailers and hospitality businesses within the new £9bn development, including brands that we have worked with many times over the years. Fashion brands Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, opticians Ace […]

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Security lighting at commercial sites

Security lighting at commercial sites is important at all times of the year but it’s particularly vital during the winter, when the days are shorter and it’s darker for longer. This is when your commercial premises are more vulnerable to vandalism, break-ins and theft, when people can enter under cover of darkness and are less […]

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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing): Safety and Compliance

Regular checking, testing and maintenance of electrical appliances and equipment within your business environment is vital to keeping your people safe and your company compliant. PAT testing (Portable Appliance Testing) is a key part of this. Since September 2020, PAT testing encompasses the inspection and testing of all electrical appliances and equipment, not just portable […]

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What is commercial electrical work?

Electrical work can be undertaken in many types of residential and commercial properties. If you are looking to hire an electrician, it’s essential that you use a professional who is suitably qualified, experienced and competent in carrying out the specific task required. Many electricians focus solely on domestic properties while others specialise in commercial electrical […]

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Retail lighting: How important is it?

Retail lighting is an important part of our shop fit-out services as it is an integral component of the design and aesthetic of a retail store. The way a store is lit can have a major impact on everything from customer engagement to staff morale. It’s even been shown that effective lighting can actually boost […]

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18th Edition changes for 2022

The 18th Edition is an important resource for all professional electricians and is the more common name for the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) wiring regulations. It is an essential source of reference and information designed to ensure that all electrical installations are safe and functioning properly. Setting out the British standard for the […]

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Commercial rainwater harvesting for businesses

Rainwater harvesting systems are a growing area of work for DRF Electrical as more and more businesses look to improve their environmental credentials. Here we take a look at what commercial rainwater harvesting is and how it can benefit organisations. What is rainwater harvesting? Rainwater harvesting is the capturing, storage, filtering and re-use of rainwater. […]

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