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Month: September 2022

Security lighting at commercial sites

Security lighting at commercial sites is important at all times of the year but it’s particularly vital during the winter, when the days are shorter and it’s darker for longer. This is when your commercial premises are more vulnerable to vandalism, break-ins and theft, when people can enter under cover of darkness and are less likely to be caught or identified.

As the weather starts to take on a distinctly autumnal feel, perhaps it’s time to start reviewing the security lighting at your commercial premises to ensure it’s up to the job.

Having a well-lit site is vital for deterring unauthorised people from entering your premises. Studies have shown that well-lit areas deter criminals, whether on a street, or outside a home or workplace. Leaving your commercial premises in darkness for too long gives the impression that it’s an easy target, whereas lighting it appropriately makes it look like it’s an up-to-date and well-used area.

In addition, having the correct security lighting at your business can also have other benefits, including helping to increase safety and prevent accidents, making staff feel safer, and reducing your insurance premiums.

There are a range of options for security lighting, and the one you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as the location of your premises and the value of the site.

Read on to find out more about the different types of security lighting for industrial and commercial sites:

Floodlights are a popular choice for security lighting at commercial sites because they can illuminate a large area. They can also help to improve the visibility of CCTV footage.

Floodlights are available in either halogen or solar options, with the former being the cheaper and more common choice. But it depends what kind of lighting you want. Halogen lights giving off a more immediate, stronger light, while solar lights may be preferable if you’re concerned about your long-term energy bills or your carbon footprint. Although solar lights require a larger initial investment than halogen lights, they will save you money in the long run. Some models have a separate charging panel which offers the flexibility to place a solar light where it is needed, even if it is not the most effective position for solar gain.

If you’re thinking about the cost to both your pocket and the environment, motion-activated security lights can be a great solution, particularly if you have a large site that needs to be lit throughout the night. As the name suggests, they are only activated when a person is present, using infrared technology to detect movement.

For the same reasons as those above for motion-activated security lights, timed security lights can be a good option. They can be set to switch on and off at desired times.

LED, fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lighting are classic and inexpensive solutions to security lighting at commercial premises. These perennially popular forms of lighting are great if you need lamps that are both energy efficient and long-lasting. They emit a consistent, bright light which can extend over large areas. Most people prefer to use LED and fluorescent lighting over HID because it is more energy efficient, durable and cost effective, and generally has better light quality.

Other considerations

The effectiveness of security lighting can depend on a number of things. This includes where it is placed, and when and how it is used. For example, the only ‘benefit’ of locating your lighting in a secluded area might be to help an intruder see better! It is pointless lighting an area that is still out of view to your security team or members of the public.
Installing security lighting with a camera will be more effective than just the lighting alone. And having it on all the time can also reduce its effectiveness as it can start to look like it’s been left on because no one is around.
Ensure the security lighting for your commercial premises is positioned correctly. Key points are next to entries and exits, as well as near security cameras and CCTV. Bear in mind also that some areas on your premises may require greater security than others.
As with most things, it’s important to have a strategy. A well-planned security system comprising lighting, CCTV, an appropriate alarm system and an access control system will be the most effective way of protecting your premises.

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