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Month: February 2019

Six signs your commercial lighting needs an LED upgrade

Is your lighting not serving its purpose but you are in the dark about what the solution is? LEDs have a range of benefits over traditional lighting such as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

Here we look at the signs your commercial lighting needs an LED upgrade.

1. High electricity bills

Inefficient lighting systems in commercial premises can be a big factor in increasing your electricity usage and costs. If you get a shock every time you open your electricity bill, maybe it’s time to switch to a lighting source that’s easier on the pocket. LEDs use less energy and need fewer repairs or replacements than traditional lights, making them a cost-efficient solution which can save you up to 75% on your monthly bills.

2. You could be greener

Replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with LEDs can hugely increase your energy efficiency and cut your carbon emissions, helping your business to up its green credentials. LEDs can be easily recycled and are also free of the toxic chemicals such as mercury and other metals found in traditional fluorescent lighting.

3. Constant repairs

If you always seem to replacing or repairing your current lighting, then it’s definitely time to look at LED alternatives. LEDs are built to last and their lifetime far exceeds that of traditional lighting – in fact, they can last for up to five times longer than fluorescent bulbs and 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. This means they need much less maintenance and repair work.

4. Safety concerns

Obviously, if you’re unsure about the safety of any of your commercial lighting, you need to consult a professional immediately. But with LEDs you are less likely to have any concerns in the first place as they are very safe: they don’t contain toxic chemicals, are not hot to the touch, and are not made of glass.

5. Inadequate lighting

If the lighting in your commercial premises is not fit for purpose, it can affect the productivity of your staff as well as their health, general wellbeing and morale. Using LEDs instead of traditional lighting can make a huge difference, creating uniform light across all areas of your office or warehouse space, as well as emitting clean, bright light similar to natural sunlight. LEDs can also transform retail spaces by making them look clean and modern, and by targeting lighting in certain areas such as shelving or changing rooms (read more here about retail lighting).

6. No control

New technology means that LED lighting can now be linked with control systems that offer features such as remote activation, timed activation and sensors that gauge when a building is occupied or not. This gives you greater control over your lighting, allowing you to save energy, cut costs and adapt to changes at your premises.


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