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Month: June 2021

Why you should use an NICEIC contractor

The National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC) assesses and certifies contractors working in the construction sector, including electricians.

Their aim is to maintain high standards of safety and competence within the industry, giving their approved contractors greater credibility and recognition while offering consumers reassurance that the contractor they are using meets high standards of certification and compliance.

NICEIC’s approval process involves looking at a sample of the contractor’s work, documentation, premises and equipment. They also assess the competence of staff members.

And, because NICEIC-approved electrical contractors are regularly assessed, their register remains up-to-date and ensures that safety and high standards are maintained.

Contractors can choose whether to register with NICEIC or not, but more than 25,000 across the country choose to do so. We at DRF Electrical are one of them, considering it a trusted benchmark for showing our competence, skill and the high standards that we maintain throughout our work.

Why you should use an NICEIC contractor

Using an electrical contractor who is NICEIC-approved demonstrates a number of things that are really important for a successful commercial or industrial project:

Competence: NICEIC contractors are proven to be technically competent and able to carry out work to the highest industry standards and according to all relevant rules, procedures and codes of practice.
Safety: The NICEIC register gives peace of mind that any electrical installations carried out by their contractors adheres to all safety standards, keeping your staff and customers protected from risk.
Compliance: NICEIC-approved electrical contractors have to demonstrate that they have the relevant inspections, testing and certifications required to ensure electrical compliance.
Guarantee of standards: NICEIC’s Platinum Promise provides protection for work up to £25,000 if it is not up to standard, does not comply with building regulations, or something goes wrong. It also means that NICEIC will help resolve a dispute if required.

How to find an NICEIC contractor

Finding an NICEIC-approved electrical contractor is easy – just visit the NICEIC website and browse their register of qualified, competent electrical contractors.

Alternatively, just give DRF Electrical a call! We are an NICEIC-approved electrical contractor for the commercial and industrial sector, and all our work carries a five-year technical guarantee.

Read more about our compliance and accreditations here or call us on 0113 257 8212.