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Month: February 2023

How to save on office electricity bills

save on office electricity bills

Energy costs are a huge area of concern at the moment for all of us. If you have an office, you may be looking at ways to make savings by cutting energy use.

Savings can be made fairly easily on your office electricity bills. The amount of energy we use largely depends on habit and learning to do things a little differently. For organisations with a large workforce that uses lots of office space, encouraging all members of staff to make a few little changes can really help make a difference.

Simple ways to save on office electricity bills

Make use of natural light

Making the most of natural light sounds like an obvious way of cutting your electricity usage. Many offices, however, still have the lights on constantly whether they’re needed or not. Depending on the layout and age of your office, this will be more successful in some workspaces than others. It’s a particularly effective solution in offices with larger windows. There may also need to be someone in the office who takes overall responsibility for switching the lights off. However, everyone should be encouraged to get in to the habit of switching off lights when there is sufficient natural daylight for them to carry out their jobs effectively.

Switch to LED lighting

The energy efficiency of LEDs lights compared to traditional lighting is well known. In an office that doesn’t have a lot of natural light, switching to LEDs can be the next best energy saving method. They are also a cost-effective solution compared to fluorescent or halogen bulbs, once the initial outlay has been made.

Switch off at the mains

Computers and other electrical equipment and appliances use electricity even when they are in standby mode or left plugged in when not in use. It can therefore make a considerable difference to energy usage and bills if people switch off everything from kettles and microwaves to printers and scanners at the mains before leaving the office.

Replace old appliances

Older electrical devices, appliances and equipment generally consume more energy than newer items. Electrical items should be upgraded to models that are more energy efficient and will help save on office electricity bills.

Use natural heating and ventilation

Rather than using electricity through air conditioning or heating, save energy by opening windows for natural temperature control and ventilation. You can also use angled blinds to regulate the amount of warmth entering the room in sunlight, and ensure heating is only turned on and off when the temperature drops or rises to a certain point.

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