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How important are the IET Wiring Regulations?

The IET Wiring Regulations is an important document for electricians. It also demonstrates to customers that the electrician they are using is up to date with the latest industry rules and standards.

The regulations are sometimes called BS7671 and were created by the IET (the Institution of Engineering and Technology) as an industry standard for wiring. The aim of the regs is to ensure the safety of electrical installations. Specifically, they offer guidance for electricians in how to comply with the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

These regulations aim to keep electrical professionals as well as members of the public safe within the workplace. They do this by specifying standards in the design, installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of fixed cabling, including electrical equipment and electrical systems. They apply to new and existing installations and ensure that they function properly and meet current standards.

BS7671 applies to domestic commercial and industrial electrical installations. The Wiring Regs are laid out in a detailed book which is used as a reference guide by professional electricians. If you are using the services of an electrician who doesn’t use the guide to inform their work, then it may be worth questioning their ability to carry out the job correctly and safely. In fact, all qualified and competent electricians will be certified in the latest edition. This means they have passed an exam demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the regulations as well as their ability to apply it in a practical way when carrying out electrical work. Many companies will not employ electricians who do not hold this qualification.

The 18th edition

The IET Wiring Regulations are regularly updated to ensure the industry standards keep up with changes in technology and best practice. They also reflect European and international standards, although there are some key differences between them.

The current standard is the 18th edition, also known as BS7671, which came into effect in January 2019. Some of the changes from the previous edition cover energy efficiency performance levels, arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) and surge protection devices.

Are the regulations a legal requirement?

Non-compliance with BS7671 can lead to prosecution under the Health & Safety at Work Act. Adhering to the regulations can also ensure compliance with the 1989 Electricity at Work regulations.

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