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Month: December 2023

How to keep your work premises secure in winter

keep your premises secure in winter with CCTV cameras

It’s the shortest day of the year this month, when the afternoons and evenings are at their darkest. This is the time to ensure that the security systems at your commercial and industrial premises are up to scratch and provide a safe working environment for everyone.

Keeping your premises secure during the winter involves having a suitable, well-maintained security system that can include CCTV, alarms and suitable lighting.


CCTV can be an effective deterrent as well as a key source of information should a theft, trespassing or vandalism occur. However, to get the best use from your CCTV, it’s important to plan where to place the cameras and consider how they will work with your lighting to maximise the results.

Security alarms

Security alarms act as both a preventative measure as well as sounding the alert in the event of an intruder on your commercial or industrial premises. They are usually triggered by motion and most alarms will be heard within a wide radius. Some alarms automatically connect to the emergency services or to you as the owner of the business or a nominated person. There are even security alarms that you can control remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

Security lighting

Lighting plays a vital part in the security of your commercial and industrial premises, and never more so than during the extended darkness of winter.

A well-lit site gives the impression of activity and vigilance, and this can deter people from carrying out vandalism or theft. It also makes the area safer for your workforce by increasing visibility and thereby preventing accidents. And, not only are they safer but they feel safer too. However, leaving lighting on all the time can sometimes have an adverse effect because it can appear to show an area that is not monitored properly.

The kind of lighting that is suitable for your premises depends on various factors. These include the location and value of your premises, and how the lighting complements the other security measures you have in place.

Among the most common types of security lighting used at commercial and industrial premises are floodlights, motion-activated security lights, timed security lights, and LED, fluorescent and HID lighting. Each has its benefits, with floodlights being a great choice for illuminating large areas, while LEDs are offer an energy-efficient option. If you’re looking at cost effectiveness, motion-activated or timed security lighting can be a good solution as it is not continuously switched on.

Consider installing security lighting combined with a camera for a more effective result, and think carefully about the positioning of your lighting.

For an in-depth look at using security lighting to protect your work premises read our blog here.

Electronic access control

Restricting who enters your premises can be achieved in a number of ways, including through electronic access control. Examples of this include keyless entry using a keypad, a smart card of fob, or even a biometric scan. And for additional security at any time of the year, it may also be worth thinking about the internal security of your premises as well as the external elements. This would give access to areas or rooms containing valuable items only to certain members of staff.

Other ways to keep your work premises secure in winter

Keeping the outside of your premises clean and tidy can actually discourage burglaries and vandalism. Good property maintenance includes conducting regular security checks, trimming any surrounding shrubs or trees, and ensuring the area is free of debris and graffiti.

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