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Month: February 2017

Case study: The Range in Luton


Retail chain The Range has more than 130 stores across the UK, offering home, garden and leisure products at competitive prices.

The business was launched in 1989 by former market trader Chris Dawson, and remains fully owned by him and his family.

In July last year, The Range was named in the top 100 private British companies after posting sales of £661m and a profit of £82m up to January 2016. It now employs around 8,000 staff.

Its most recent store opening was at the Madford Retail Park in Luton on February 17, as part of continued expansion plans across the UK and Ireland. The new outlet, which created around 80 new jobs, has 16 departments spread over two floors. These include a homewares and DIY section, as well as a large arts and crafts area, and family café.


DRF was responsible for the electrical fit out at the new Luton store. This included the mains, lighting, power, fire and data systems

We worked closely with The Range’s design team to come up with an electrical scheme that fitted perfectly with the company’s brand. Our experience of working on projects as part of a team of contractors means we understand that collaboration and communication is vital to the success of a project. It ensures a continuity and cohesion throughout the work from all parties.

Our work on the new store covered both floors of the building without compromising on quality or workmanship. Our expert team kept the project on schedule, in time for the grand opening by the Mayor of Luton.

Our Expertise

We used our wealth of experience working with major high street retail companies to cover all elements crucial to retail lighting. We know that the way retail stores are lit can make a huge difference: it can enhance a business’s image and highlight the store’s products while making it a pleasant and interesting environment for both staff and customers.

The lighting used in The Range in Luton is a mix of ambient and accent lights, with the ambient light creating a welcoming atmosphere, and spotlights and other accents highlighting certain areas or products. Read more about the importance of lighting in retail stores here.

Another major consideration during the installation process was the use of LED technology, which has become increasingly popular in retail lighting systems due to its flexibility and variety, as well as its cost effectiveness and environmental benefits. Read our blog here for more information on LED lighting.

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