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Month: August 2018

2021 vision report for the electrical contracting industry: A review

A major study looking at the future of the electrical contracting industry up to 2021 makes for some interesting reading.

Published by industry leaders NICEIC and the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), the report entitled 2021 Vision made key predictions and aimed to provide strategic foundations to help electrical contractors plan for a secure and profitable future. It included the findings of a major survey across the industry, combined industry input with expert commentary and conclusions.

NICEIC and the ECA say they hope their report will provide strategic foundations which will help electrical contractors to plan for a secure and profitable future.

Published initially in 2011, the report was updated in 2016 to offer a midway viewpoint assessing which of the initial predictions had changed and what had stayed the same. It also looked at other significant developments that have arisen including the UK referendum result to leave the EU, digitisation of industry processes, ‘very big data’, and the ‘internet of things’.

It provides an update on the opportunities, challenges and issues across seven key industry topics including skills, social, political, customer needs, sustainability, building design and product development.

For anyone working in the electrical contracting industry, it is useful information so we thought we’d highlight what we think are some of the key points.




Customer needs


Building design

Product development