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Month: May 2018

BS 7671 – IET Electrical Regulations: The key changes

The 18th edition of the BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations is due to be published on July 2 this year and will come into force on January 1, 2019. The regulations outline UK compliance requirements for wiring in new and amended electrical installations. Any installations designed after December 31 this year will need to comply with this latest edition.

The Wiring Regulations – which are the essential reference guide for electrical industry professionals – are being updated to ensure the UK stays in step with changes to international and European standards. The updates also ensure that the regulations accurately reflect the industry and its needs, as well as maintaining the safety of both electrical professionals and members of the public.

Some of the key changes in the new 18th edition concern requirements which give further protection from fire and overvoltage, while there are additions around energy efficiency, amends to requirements for electric vehicle charging installations, and new guidance on energy efficient production and storage installations.

Here we take a brief look at some of the key changes and additions since the last edition of the Wiring Regulations.

What are the key changes?

Amends to current sections

New sections / regulations