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Month: September 2017

Case Study: The Three Lions, Wembley Stadium


The Three Lions is the first ever pub inside Wembley Stadium. It’s also the longest bar in England!

Aimed at members only, the bar provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy the build-up to a game, or celebrate afterwards.


DRF was appointed to carry out a full re-fit of the electrical systems at The Three Lions, Wembley, including lighting and security features.

This was a challenging contract which we managed to deliver on budget and to a high standard in just seven weeks. We were able to do this because we know the importance of attention to detail, forward planning and maintaining excellent communication between not just ourselves and the client, but also all the contractors working on the job. We have an excellent relationship with many other contractors in our industry, and we are trusted to complete projects to high standards.

Our approach to the project was to place an equal focus on both the customer experience and the requirements of staff. So we designed an electrical system that provided targeted lighting in the staff areas of the bar, giving good vision around the fridges and drinks cabinets, as well as the digital tills. A high standard security system was also installed to protect both staff members and money.

These features were combined with softer, ambient lighting in the customer standing and seating spaces. Focus lights were placed above tables, while accent lighting highlighted signage, and warmer lights enhanced the structural pillars. Tube lighting was also used in the customer area to create a stunning design.

Because hundreds of lightbulbs were used to create the electrical design of The Three Lions, the more energy efficient LED bulbs were used where possible. LEDs offer many advantages, including cost effectiveness, environmental benefits, low maintenance, durability, long lifespan, and targeted lighting options.

Our Expertise

DRF has years of experience designing and installing a range of electrical features, including wiring, data cabling, internal and external lighting, and fire and security systems.

We’ve previously worked with the likes of The Ottolenghi Group, Chipotle and Benugo, carrying out projects in spaces as iconic as Wembley Stadium, including The Barbican and The Natural History Museum.

Our wide-ranging experience of providing bespoke electrical solutions to companies in the leisure and hospitality industries enabled us to provide a lighting and electrical solution for The Three Lions which created both a welcoming venue for customers and a functional space for staff.

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