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Month: March 2022

Commercial rainwater harvesting for businesses

Rainwater harvesting systems are a growing area of work for DRF Electrical as more and more businesses look to improve their environmental credentials.

Here we take a look at what commercial rainwater harvesting is and how it can benefit organisations.

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting is the capturing, storage, filtering and re-use of rainwater. It can be a great way for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to greater sustainability and reducing their impact on the environment.

UK industry uses a large amount of water for processes that are traditionally supplied by mains water. Installing rainwater harvesting technologies can help commercial organisations cut their use of mains water by up to half, helping to promote the conservation and management of this vital natural resource.

With water rates on the increase (one estimate puts it at an average of 40% over the past 20 years for industrial premises), installing a rainwater harvesting system can also substantially reduce energy bills by saving on mains water consumption. Combined with the likelihood of a return on investment over a short period of time, installing a rainwater harvesting system can prove very cost-effective for many businesses.

Which organisations can use rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting systems come in a range of sizes and options, and can therefore be used by all kinds of organisations. They can be installed at premises as varied as small domestic properties, large industrial spaces and huge entertainment venues.

Systems can be tailored to suit different requirements and different types and sizes of premises. Commercial buildings can be ideal for rainwater collection because of their large roof area. And, with hundreds of people working within them, harvesting all that rainwater can drastically reduce the amount of mains water that is used.

DRF Electrical works with manufacturers, developers, local authorities and other partners across a variety of sectors. We have installed rainwater harvesting systems at premises including factories, warehouses, restaurants, schools and shopping centres.

Our team has the expertise and technical knowledge to install, test and maintain all kinds of rainwater harvesting systems. We can also work with you to find an efficient, high quality and reliable solution that suits your needs.

Can businesses get funding for rainwater harvesting?

Commercial rainwater harvesting can be funded by the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme.

This scheme encourages businesses to invest in technologies that save water and improve water quality. It covers rainwater harvesting equipment such as monitoring and control equipment, rainwater filtration equipment and rainwater storage vessels.

Contact us for more information about commercial rainwater harvesting for your business on 0113 257 8212.