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Fire safety – what businesses need to know

All commercial premises in England need to comply with fire safety regulations which require them to minimise the risk in workplaces, carry out assessments and put precautions in place. Failure to follow these regulations can result in a fine – minor penalties are up to £5,000 and major ones are unlimited – or even a […]

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What are the benefits of using LED lighting?

LED lighting is gradually replacing traditional incandescent, neon and compact fluorescent lighting in both commercial and residential premises as more and more people become aware of its benefits. LEDs (light emitting diodes) have been hailed as the future of lighting because of their low energy usage, which not only saves businesses money but also helps […]

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Tackling the electrical skills shortage in the UK

Electrical skills are in decline in the UK, with the electrical industry being one of the worst affected by an increasing shortage of trained workers. The latest UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey (ESS), published last year, examined the experiences and practices of over 91,200 employers in the UK. It found that, although job vacancies had […]

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Supporting Trailfinders

We are pleased to be associated with completing the high quality refit of Trailfinders on Kensington High Street London. Trailfinders is a travel company in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is notable for being the largest independently owned travel company in the United Kingdom.

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Store Upgrades

We have continued this year with the Specsavers store upgrades and the EE rollout programme along with numerous contracts in all the sectors.

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